Justin here back again. So i have been using Fountain Pens for over a year and a half now. Looking at my collection, I have a great collection of blue inks as you can see from this photo.CCI06052017_0001

Inks are mostly sourced locally, but then there are a few exception. Personal favorites are Pilot Iroshizuku Tsuyu Kusa, Asa Gao, Sailor Jentle Nioi Sumire and Souten.

*note that this swap was done a couple of weeks back but then only managed to scan today. Anyways, u can still see the colour clearly.

Have a nice one,


Writing with LKX

Hi all friends,

As many of many close friends would have known, i am a stationery freak.

I can go crazy with pens and am proud of an extensive network of pens 🙂

Thus, I will be starting a new category of  blog posts on pen reviews and everything pen related.

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